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How Aviation And Tourism Are Intrinsically Linked

The industries need each other to survive.

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed many things in the world, such as the trust – or mistrust – people have in their government, how valuable technology is when faced with month-long lockdowns, and even the long-term impacts working from home can have on a company and employees. On September 27th, it was World Tourism Day, and one thing is clear: the global health crisis further revealed that aviation and tourism are fragile without each other, and cannot thrive alone.

The beginning of global tourism

Before the Jet Age, specifically before the late 1950s, air travel was primarily for business and first-class travelers or the military. Tourism travel was predominantly done by boat or train, and even then, it wasn’t very easy for families to travel to another country on a whim due to the lengthy process. But, with the rise of jets offering cheaper seats, it became more accessible for people to visit other places, thus booming international tourism.

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