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“Career in Aviation Industry: Prospects and Possibilities”

The other name of Tourism Business is the business which is possible through the precise presentation of any place or any attraction. The combination of some sectors is necessary to present tourism and the Tourism industry consists of this combination. This industry moves forward by centralizing transportation and communication, foods & beverage, Entertainment and attractions. World Tourism is now much more ahead than ever before and the Aviation industry has played an important role here behind the progress of the industry. Successful commercial flight of planes has added a new dimension and the world has come within our own hands.

These two words-Travel and Tourism are the most talked-about words of the current world. The number of travel-seekers is increasing day by day. Air routes have become the most popular and easiest way for communicating from one country to another. The whole world is traveling by air route. Day by day the prospect of the aviation sector is increasing commercially, in the same way the need for skilled manpower is also increasing. In the world, 290 airlines from 120 different countries are operating their scheduled flights to different destinations of the world by the means of their airlines international trade organization “International Air Transport Association (IATA).”

Portrait of young passenger service agent giving boarding with passenger after check in at airport

According to the information of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), on an averageper day, nearly one million flights are operated in different destinations of the worldwide. From the context of air transportation, Bangladesh being a very lucrative destination is in the top among all the destinations. According to the Civil Aviation Authority, more than 44 airlines are operating passenger and cargo transport services from Bangladesh. Also, more than 12 airlines companies have applied to CAAB to operate flights. Biman Bangladesh Airlines, Qatar Airways, Etihad Airways, Singapore Airlines, Saudi Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Indigo Airlines, Air Arabia and many more reputed airlines are operating flights from Bangladesh. Bangladesh operates domestic and foreign flights from three international and five domestic airports, but several more airports will be made suitable for flight operations in the next few years. The Hon’ble Minister of State for Civil Aviation and Tourism Ministry, Mahbub Ali, has already given instructions to the relevant authorities to make the seven abandoned airports in under operation. Terminal number three of Shahjalal International Airport is scheduled to be opened by the end of this year. Also, the work of Khan Jahan Ali Airport is in progress. Mohammad Saiful Haque, Country General Manager and CEO of Sabre Travel Network (Bangladesh) Limited, world’s first GDS companies

and best MNC in airlines industry, said that the business of airlines in Bangladesh may increase two or three times in the coming days and need many more skilled people for operating this sector.

Association of Travel Agents of Bangladesh (ATAB), the largest travel agency trade organization in Bangladesh, is considering this sector as another potential sector for Bangladesh. According to ATAB assumption, the next few years, the aviation sector of Bangladesh will require more than 35,000 skilled manpower. Also, ATAB members travel agencies require huge numbers of skilled manpower in the areas of air ticketing, transportation booking, accommodation booking, visa processing, holiday packages, GSA operations, PSA operations and so on.

The Government of Bangladesh has undertaken various projects to prepare skilled manpower to boost the aviation sector. Various technical training programs have already been started for the implementation of these projects. The students who have participated in these trainings will get the opportunity to get employment in various fields of tourism and aviation according to their qualifications and capabilities. Tourism management, Aviation or Airlines Management, Reservation and Ticketing, Travel Agency and Tour Operations, Hospitality Management and other occupation based or industry-oriented subjects can be trained.

Tourism and aviation industry will play a supporting role in reducing the number of unemployed in Bangladesh in the coming days. In addition to domestic airlines, hundreds of thousands of Bangladeshi youths will work in foreign airlines, GDS companies, airports operations, cargo management, ground handling, IATA travel agencies, GSA, PSA and OTA. This industry will work as a tool to eliminate unemployment in Bangladesh.

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